Test Drive: Ferrari Announced; coming on March 2012 for current-generation consoles and PC

DSOGaming writes: "Bigben Interactive has announced that the next part in the Test Drive series will be released in March 2012 on current-generation consoles and PC and will be called Test Drive: Ferrari. Although the company hasn't released any gameplay info, it is safe to say that the game will be based on Ferrari's cars. We can also assume that this won't be as open-ended as Eden Games' Test Drive games."

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JellyJelly2526d ago

Didn't they just release TDU 2 like less than a year ago? Someone must be buying them since they keep churning them out. I guess.

tepkisiz2526d ago

Test Drive has always been open-world. If they go circuit racing it wont be "Test Drive" anymore and it will already be beaten by GT and Forza.

john22526d ago (Edited 2526d ago )

Old parts of the series were circuit racing games. Test Drive 4 was among the best of the series (and a PC showcase back in the good old days with its 3DFX support)

DasTier2524d ago

test drive 6 - not open world
test drive offroad 3 - not open world

go figure