Motorstorm RC is Gloriously Retro - IGN

The new Vita and PS3 game is more than just Motorstorm in miniature.

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remanutd552431d ago

little LUNATICS Unite !!!! cant freaking wait !!!!

Focus2431d ago

Ok we got it the first 20 times, they have united

sinncross2431d ago

This game looks so fun but the complete absence of online MP or cross play between he PS3 and PSV makes no sense.

plmkoh2431d ago

At the end of the trailer it looks like you get both the PS3 version and Vita version for the price of one.

despair2431d ago (Edited 2431d ago )

yea they even confirmed it on the PSBlog . I hope its not just a one off and a lot of devs do the same.

dead_eye2431d ago

Make it so it plays like micro machines v3 or mashed and it will be the best racing game ever

StarWolf2431d ago

its so retro that it doesnt even have online ...SICK!!