Nvidia to launch GeForce 9 series in February

The first chip to rollout of in GeForce 9 family in February will be the D9E, a high-end product that adopts 65nm manufacturing. The new product will also support DirectX 10.1 and Shader Model 4.1.

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Winter47th3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

Thank god i quit being a PC gamer 2 years ago, IMO PC gaming's evolving TOO fast, too expensive and sky's the limit, unfortunately for me and for my bank account, the sky these days seem a little bit further than what i would hope to reach any time soon.

Once you update your system with what you think's the top of the line hardware BAM! dude WTF was that? a new graphic card supporting the latest shader & DX system, oh well BAM! oh now what? a new quad-core technology for playing Crysis at least a little bit over 30FPS mark.

PS3, 360 and an HDTV for me.

okcomputer3911d ago

You don't have to get the bleeding edge tech everytime to play games. You can get a good card in the 300-350 range and it'll last you 2-3 years. You don't have to upgrade every time to keep playing otherwise you could say the same about consoles. Do you have to get the brand new edition of every console once it comes out? Do you have the 360 core, premium, the elite, the hdmi premium, the halo edition, the 65nm edition etc? Or the 60gb ps3, the 20gb, the 80gb and the 40gb?

xc7x3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

umm,a card for 350 dollars lol. i think you just confirmed winter's reasoning that you were otherwise trying to change.

ruibing3911d ago

Yeah, the last PC I built two years ago cost me about $1000 and now its single core specs can barely run the new titles. It's too easy for PC game developers to tune graphic quality (look at how bad low on Crysis looks when compared to high) versus maximum quality for any system, plus there is the whole drivers issue with XP and especially Vista.

davez823911d ago

This is the one to get. 8 series barely breaking 20-30fps dx10 for crysis, this should push crysis at least to 45-60 fps for the high end 9 series, which would leave your pc pretty much futureproof for dx10. Hopefully the performance will be double of the current 8 series.

mighty_douche3911d ago

Now i have to wait another 3 more months? they really should release ALL their new cards simultaneously, it reduces the comfustion of when and what card to buy.


Rooted_Dust3911d ago

Anyone have an idea of what the price will be for a 9-series card?

m91058263911d ago

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say $650-$750 MSRP, $750-$800 actual retail for the first month or two.

mighty_douche3911d ago

i hear you can game just fine with one kidney....

Rooted_Dust3911d ago

hmmm....I guess the real decision is, do I get an 8800GT now or wait till June to get the mid-range 9 series card, or both?

mighty_douche3911d ago

Same position^^, and not forgetting the new GTS out next month.

Charlie26883911d ago

@Rooted_Dust: If you don't have a very tight budget I recommend you getting the new 8800GTS 512MB over the 8800GT 512mb (the new GTS is the same if not faster that the current GTX)

IF you are wondering about waiting or getting the new 9 series remember that the might launch the same way as the 8 series launching the SUPER high end (like they did with the 8800GTX) at a absurd price and later the midrange and so on

mighty_douche3911d ago

i want to see some benchmarks.

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Charlie26883911d ago

I wonder how brutally powerful they are O.o

and how expensive too >.>

PS3PCFTW3911d ago

well the new 8800gts g92 512mb makes the 6-700 dolar 8800ultra look like a ripoff.

so im guessing the g92 based gpus cards to be released in feb can double if not triple what a 8800ultra can do.

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