Final Fantasy XIII-2's CG Intro Is Stunning

NowGamer: Square Enix hasn't lost its touch.

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fastrez2582d ago

Excellent, really looking forward to this.

Feckles2582d ago

Maybe it is. Maybe the game will still be boring.

TimmyShire2582d ago

They do always know how to do pretty trailers! The graphics whore in me can't resist.

HaHa_Ostrich2582d ago

Its CG made by SE, whats not to like?

Bellcross2582d ago

I'm a big Final Fantasy fan but I have to say that intro was horrible, especially the voiceovers. squareenix haven't learned anything since Final Fantasy X.

Give me FF versus 13 already.

iamtehpwn2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

The voice overs were fine. You know, the people I know who speak Japanese think that Final Fantasy's English voice acting is great and on par with the Japanese dub. It's really only people who don't speak Japanese who think it's always significantly better. Sometimes it is with various Animes and Japanese games though, but with Final Fantasy, it's definitely on par for both languages most of the time.

And That wasn't the eternity of the intro, it's obvious a lot of things have been edited out as well.

I'm as excited for open world FF's like Type-0 and Versus XIII, but I think it'd be ignorant not to give XIII-2 a chance at least with all the user feedback they've put into it.

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