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19 things to do in Skyrim: tips, secrets and stupidness

Vegetable wars, Necro-chaining, saw "accidents" and bear abuse

You don't need to read about things to do in Skyrim. Seriously - it's the proverbial cup of water to a drowning man. The experience of walking down a street in Bethesda's new Elder Scrolls offers more potential for distraction than most games cram into their entire campaigns. (PC, PS3, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Xbox 360)

dirigiblebill  +   1224d ago
Cabbages, huh? I didn't realise they were such highly prized commodities.
beastgamer  +   1224d ago
you know you can kill that chick that says, "get out of my face" When you kill her, not one attacks you, but if you attempt to kill anyone else you get attacked.

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kesvalk  +   1224d ago
i just hope they put the "catapult your horse over a mountain" glitch... everyone that owns skyrim needs to do that at least once...
smithdown  +   1224d ago
Great list. I'm getting a lot of mileage out of just taunting the dragons to fight everything.

I swear, you don't need to ever buy a game again...
AtomBomb  +   1224d ago
The "Rocket Bear" video was the perfect ending for this list...
despair  +   1224d ago
Anyone else do the "hangover" quest. If that's not a pop culture reference then I don't know what is.

#4 was awesome as well.
Dovahkiin  +   1223d ago
Amazing quest. The argonian who finds you afterwards and demands 10,000 septims...
AllroundGamer  +   1224d ago
Dragons - "Once they see you trudging across the earth, dragons will chase you till death"... well i encountered 3 dragons now, that flew away from me even when i was already in battle with them :D so FAKE! :)
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NoobJobz  +   1224d ago
The only thing you need to know is FUS RO DAH!
jjb1981  +   1224d ago
This game is the shit...
Mutant-Spud  +   1223d ago
I enjoy hiding in the bushes, then when a lady walks past I jump out and show her my Thume.
vickers500  +   1224d ago
Good list. That "become ethereal and then jump off a cliff" thing will be incredibly helpful, and I probably wouldn't have ever thought of using it just to get around.
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cesardrgn  +   1223d ago
that is awesome!!! lol
Clayman  +   1223d ago
I love doing Fus Ro Dah on someones kitchen table. So funny.

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