GameGadget gaming console to be launched in January 2012

UK-based gaming company GameGadget has announced their new product, the GameGadget 1.0 portable gaming console, that is looking to take on big names in the portable gaming market.
According to its creators, the “Go Anywhere – Play Everything” GameGadget 1.0 has been developed with a new software service called GameGadgetGames, which has been created to give gamers, publishers and developers the flexibility in the way they play, sell and make games.

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Blaine2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

Fails before it's even out of the gate: you're not going to "play everything" on a device with only 4 face buttons, a d-pad, and 2 shoulder buttons.

(Unless that pic is not representative of the final product... In which case I'll hold judgment until I've seen it!)

Razongunz2549d ago

omg its a playstation gameboy..yay..i'm sooo...not getting this.. but it looks funny tought and by funny i mean totally crap