Win Big in The Call of Duty 4 Team Tournament

The Global Gaming League have announced that registration is now open for the Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare 4v4 Tournament.

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Winter47th3886d ago

If only the sh!tty matchmaking wasn't as buggy as it is and force me to play a guy in freakin' Zimbabwe, the tournament seems like a nice idea for the most fortunate person with as less lag as COD4 would ever allow it.

I've played in a few matches where the lag was pure heaven ' all green ', but most matches the lag bar would never be anything much than yellow..

Take a look at this and tell me if not all these poor souls who'd been cursed with the worst matchmaking in any game on the PS3 desirves to at least be connected with a proper server with the priority in mind is to the connection quality instead of whatever priority the crappy matchmaking's using.

and it's just getting worse..

jiggyjay3886d ago

wait I thought there's no lag in PSN?

Winter47th3886d ago

There is only lag in COD4 because it depends on a ' bugged-as-hell Matchmaking '.

boi3886d ago

I haven't came across any...both 360/ps3 version of COD4 is to me the same since I played both. anyway I rock in COD4 ahem had to say it lol