Bioshock’s inspiration became Bollywood game Agni

Irrational Games has said that one of their oldest titles “The Lost” which never was published laid the foundation for their hit title Bioshock. The game was designed for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox following up the success of System Shock 2.

“The Lost was a bit of everything. It was Silent Hill meets Zelda meets Devil May Cry in the sense that it was a series of levels in linear fashion, but within the levels, there was freedom,” said game designer Bill Gardner.

“We wouldn’t have been able to make BioShock if it weren’t for The Lost. In a lot of ways, it was what BioShock wound up becoming.”

The interesting part is that this unreleased game of theirs went on to get a little revamp and then be released as “Agni: Queen of Darkness” in India.

You can take a look at the video attached below to get a little sneak peak at the game that began the journey to Bioshock.

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Ever since I first heard of this game, I've wanted to play it. That hasn't changed.

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what the hell is even going on in that trailer?

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