How long before PS3 & Xbox 360 cost $199?'s James Rivington - 30 Nov 2007:

The head honcho of Activision says that the prices of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 must fall to $199 (£96.50) before the consoles will have mass market appeal. So how long before Microsoft and Sony can start churning out consoles at vastly reduced prices?

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PimpHandHappy3797d ago

2 years for the PS3

thats my guess

PS3 Limps on and on3797d ago

Only because PS3 has lost enough, they can't continue to afford costing not even a penny more than 360.

I think Sony's plan is too get some big hitters next year and do a lot of catching up on the price point.
I expect more price cuts from PS3 next year than XBOX 360.

360 is priced right, PS3 is not.

BloodySinner3797d ago

You finally said something intelligent and I couldn't agree more.

CrashSharc3797d ago

Ps3Limps: Well said. I totally agree. I think Sony will definately not risk being the highest priced console again.

BloodySinner: STFU

amazing how non-posotive Sony opinions suddenly become intelligible.

lawman11083796d ago

The PS3 will NEVER be $199 as long as BR players go for $400 bucks. The 360 is going to have a price drop in the spring when GTA4 comes out (Some say $100 bucks) so that would put the pro at the arcade price and the Elite where the Pro is now and they will prob just dump the Arcade.

moses3794d ago

It kind of makes me wonder how much money each company is loosing for each console sold...

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TheExecutive3797d ago

xmas '08? I dunno about that. the 360 will have a sku at 199 next xmas but the ps3 will be at 250. just a guess though.

DeejayTai3794d ago

I believe the price of the ps3 will not drop as sharply as the 360 because the 360 has no high-def capabilities at all (without an add-on) without jacking up the price. Point blank, there's just more inside the ps3. But Sony really does need more market penetration.

HarryEtTubMan3797d ago

2-3 years for the PS3.. a little soon for the 360 but they will always be pretty close in price

PS3 Limps on and on3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

PS3 sku's = 399 and 499

360 has sku's for 279, 349
I forgot how much the elite costs

But if Sony doesn't do something then obviously 360 will get to 199 first and then PS3 looses yet again.

I just think PS3 has lost enough to not be aware of this.

wind_dragon3796d ago

In my opinion anyways. Elite cost $450. $50 more than the $399 PS3 sku and it still offers more than the elite. and as i recall PS3 is only losing, exuse me...'was' only losing money in the US. with all the cost reduced in production it can't possibly still be losing $270 . that was like 9-10 months ago.

DeejayTai3794d ago

Matching the price on a 360 and a PS3 is like matching the price on a '79 Ford Pinto and a Trans-Am.

gamesblow3797d ago

Cheap ass people, man. Do you all have any idea the ammount of worth and tech the ps3 offers for the cheap ass price it is now? Or is everyone poor but me? If people are so worried about money they shouldn't be gaming for hobbies, simple as that.

PS3 Limps on and on3797d ago

because of Blu ray, but if it's not want people care about. Then it doesn't matter what technology it has.

WilliamRLBaker3797d ago

simply put sony is phasing the 80 gig out, all those card ports, ps2 backwards compat, usb ports are being phased out like all ways, sony all way starts with these connection options then soon after phases them out.

if they had done this from the start we could have had an 400 dollar system from the start with full BC.

SullyDrake3797d ago

As in my comment below (#10), I agree. More people need to understand that it's a well-priced system and in the future, those who need their graphics-whore fixes will need to turn to the PS3 and it's incredible power, because honesty, it will completely dwarf what the 360 and Wii can do in the coming years.

candystop3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

Call us cheap or whatever but nobody wants or needs all that Bullsh!t in there console! I just want to play the best games and thats only possible on 360 from what it looks like! By the time PS3 dwarfs the 360 there will be another xbox out that triple dwarfs the Ps3 and is noticeable on day one not 5 years later! Sony fans sound like freaking car sales people and shady ones at that!

lawman11083796d ago

I kid you not when I say I almost never use it, I bought Uncharted and have not played it yet because I am HOOKED on COD4 on the 360, and I have a ton of other games I need to play too. I REFUSE to buy HD OR BR dvd's until they are $20 bucks or less and NO WAY am I going to replace my whole "standard" dvd collection. I LOVE Fall of man and Warhawk is fun too and I admit Heavenly Sword is good (NOT worth $60 bucks I got it on ebay for $48) I think MGS4 will be on the 360 BUT I am going to buy it for the PS3 because thats the system it should run best on. Sony needs to pack in Motorstorm and Fall of man. Not movies (bad ones at that)

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