GTA 4 Modders Release a Patch for Skyrim That Improves Performance and Runs on Weaker PCs

GB : Did you always want to play Skyrim on your PC, but your PC was too weak to run the game? Well, now you may be able to. GTA 4 modders, who released the ICEnhancer mod, have done it again.

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tehdewm2579d ago

I hardly see a difference compared to the normal version. Skyrim has pretty bad textures in general.

Fishy Fingers2579d ago

I'd rather they put there time into improving textures than reducing them, but a welcome 'mod' if your PC is struggling.

Lord_Sloth2579d ago

It is a mod for those of us that can't run it. Lose the quotations!

Fishy Fingers2579d ago

Really, it's for people whos PCs are struggling to play it? Really??

Thanks for clearing that up, clearly you can see from my original comment I had no idea that was what it was for. Struggling PCs.

FredEffinChopin2579d ago

I think he's getting at the fact that you're quotations are implying that you don't feel it to be a real or serious mod.

Lord_Sloth2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

That's what I'm here for. Educating the clueless.

LOLconsoles2579d ago

This is why PC gaming is A#1, top of the list, king of the hill, and so on. Modders usually fix and improve what devs f'd up in their games.

Sprudling2579d ago

So is there a mod to get rid of the extremely annoying equip limit? I'm asking because I want it.

Bolts2578d ago

What is an equip limit?

Sprudling2578d ago

Sorry, I meant carry limit and I've found a solution. Didn't even need a mod.

In the console: player.modav carryweight 1000

FredEffinChopin2578d ago

If PC gaming was that awesome the game would just work for everyone out of the box. Plus, while some may enjoy sitting around and modding their games, many people aren't suited (computer savvy enough) to that type of activity. Others prefer to use their precious free time PLAYING the games instead.

admiralthrawn872579d ago

just get it on console if you are reduced to playing like this