Batman: Arkham City PC - DX11 Path is bugged; Rocksteady is working on a patch

DSOGaming writes: "Batman: Arkham City has just been released for the PC and although Rocksteady had a full month to tweak their game, it appears that the current build features a bugged DX11 mode. In other words, the DX11 path is causing performance issues and that’s something that Warner Bros has officially acknowledged. In order to avoid these issues, players are required to run the game in DX9 mode for the time being."

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LightofDarkness2579d ago

Code path. Kind of an out-dated term, that used to apply to different rendering paths used for ATI and Nvidia cards.

rajman2579d ago

Seriously? They delayed the game a month and already theres bugs o_0

solar2579d ago

This disappointed me greatly last night. Ive been waiting for this game and we got another lackluster performing title at launch. Id be far more upset if i didnt receive the game for free when i purchased my 2nd SLI card for BF3. Guess ill have to wait longer to play Bats :(

C_Menz2579d ago

Looks like I will be waiting until they patch DX11 support.

PrimordialSoupBase2579d ago

Don't want to miss the holiday rush. Put out unfinished product because people will buy it anyway, right?

SP3333D-O2579d ago

Wow. Sucked that they made PC users wait a month while consolers played. Surprised that this has followed.

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