Xbox 360 officially gets DivX and Xvid support next week

Microsoft's latest dashboard update for Xbox 360 adds the Holy Grail of file-sharers - proper DivX and Xvid compatibility, thanks to MS adding support for the full MPEG-4 spec. This should turn Xbox 360 into the finest streaming media player imaginable, without the need for the current awkward Media Center/Zune/encoding solutions currently required to stream stuff to Xbox 360.

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mighty_douche3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

id say it allows you to steam (and probably save on the HD) Divx/Xvid files to your 360, allowing you to watch them on your TV rather than your monitor.

personally i just use a VGA cable to my TV but if you have no PC input this will be pretty handy!!

mesh13886d ago


mighty_douche3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

M$ have a year on sony, so in reality if the Playstaton gets Divx within the next 12 months it actually came to that console quicker after release.

unlimited3886d ago

WARNING - This update will make your 360 get the Red lights of Death!!


datoejama3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

If you have video files on your computer that are divx or xvid encoded you dont have to convert these to WMV in order to stream this content from your networked computer to 360 for viewing on your TV. Also if you have divx or xvid encoded videos on your portable media player you can plug it in to the 360 and play. You dont have to download any files to your 360 HDD to view them, it always just streams it from what ever its plugged into be it a networked computer or an ipod.

TheSadTruth3886d ago

What this means =


straightpiff4203886d ago


Wii60_FTW3886d ago

wow. u sony guys must be pretty stupid if you don't know what this means.

but anyway, I have no need for this. I've got my 360 hooked into my HDTV with VGA and my PC via DVI to HDMI. but for those who don't have their PC hooked in directly, this is amazingly good news.

and yes, PS3 just got owned again. PS3 can't even stream MUSIC in-game LOL.

masterg3886d ago

Don't jump the gun guys.

This is NOT the same thing as on the PS3.

This is only streaming from your PC. Meaning you have to have a PC turned on on the same network as the 360. (An extender)

The PS3 it plays files on the PS3 itself.

Grown Folks Talk3886d ago

the point is getting it to a source which was not usually available. whether it is being streamed or directly played as you say, you are still watching it just the same. & as i've said before, if you have actual divx discs, you more than likely already have a compatible player to watch them on.

dragunrising3886d ago

Why is everyone taking your bubbles? People can't stand the truth. Here is a bubble from me to you:)

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pwnsause3886d ago

nice, both systems PS3 and 360 are getting divx.

Hugh Hefner3886d ago

Sony announced it way earlier than Microsoft, and Sony fanboys went into celebration mode. Once more, the 360 and MS actually DELIVERED, while Sony and its fans "just wait".

ruibing3886d ago

I was looking through the comments and thinking it was pretty mature of everyone to celebrate Divx on both system until I saw your comment. I guess there's always going to be people trying to twist news in their favor.

mesh13886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

son u made a mistake sony have not mentioned anything about releasing it but they did say it would implemented in the future WHILE MICROSOFT are releasing it next week MAJOR DEFERENCE SONY USER HAVE to wait BEYOND AGAIN .

@NOODL are u sitting on ur pram sucking ur baby toy as u seems a bit irate for a baby have they not feed u yet kid ?

Greysturm3886d ago

Thats what sony fanboys said about the iptv on korea and sonys solution to tv worldwide something that microsoft anounced but has barely been able to do (partially) through the U.S. video on demand. I think its great that both consoles are outoffering each other better for us.

n00dl3s3886d ago (Edited 3886d ago )

Can everyone please just remove all of mesh1's bubbles so it doesn't default show his comments anymore? I normally barely pay attention to the posts of any user that doesn't even have an avatar, but for some reason his idiocy is so potent that it jumps out at me.

edit: Why did I get 5 disagrees? His edit just proves my point as I can't actually understand what on earth he typed. Grats on attempting to use the word "irate". In 3-4 topics already today you have left multiple jumbled paragraphs of randomness where you do nothing but make blind statements and insult people like a 4 year old.

Alvadr3886d ago

As usual Sony just talk about what they are going to do.. And MS actually go and DO IT!!

Sony really fck me off sometimes. Looks like us PS3 owners have to keep on waiting.

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SmokeyMcBear3886d ago

means all those porn videos on the hard drive.. yeah.. they can be seen on the big screen now. hehe. This is an excellent feature, many people have been looking forward to this, from both sides.

mighty_douche3886d ago

this, in-game XMB etc will all come with Home. Makes home seem a bigger deal that way.