How Tom McShea Became The Most Hated Man In Gaming

Never heard of Tom Mc Shea? Your obviously not a Zelda fan.

Tom Mc Shea is a writer for popular gaming website Gamespot, a site which is mostly known for offering non-bias reviews and articles. He shot to fame, when he was given the task or reviewing the latest in the Zelda franchise, ‘Skyward Sword’.

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Titanz2582d ago

It was his own mistake for thinking the game's combat was controlled by IR. He's a game journalist (shouldn't he have done his research on the title beforehand?).

The criticism for his review is justified. People state that, "reviews are opinions", but what are reviews that are factually incorrect?

MAJ0R2582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

nope you are factually incorrect by saying he gave it a 7.5 solely based on the controls.

he actually explains that the reason he gave it that score is because he didn't like the fetch quest and repetitive actions you had to do in the game for 60 hours.

watch this and he explains the reason he gave it a "good" score.

Titanz2582d ago

And did you read the review? The controls were the reason why he was so frustrated with the title. His creditable has been blown, due to the fact of his own incompetence.

MsclMexican2581d ago

Wait... I thought Jack Thompson was the most hated man in gaming..

Or Tom Chick and Scott C Jones, the people behind the ridiculous 4 and 5 scores of Uncharted 3.

Lets face it... there are a lot of people we hate in this industry

jozzah2582d ago

A lot of people just can't handle that it got a 7.5 from one person.

JonahNL2582d ago

True on that, but in this case it was primarily because the reviewer was simply incorrect.

floetry1012582d ago (Edited 2582d ago )

Invariably, every critic will once in a while go against the grain of popular opinion. Tom McShea, while certainly not my favourite Gamespot critic, generally coincides with gaming community when it comes to review scores. The fact that this one review has been lambasted and deemed "untrustworthy" is completely reactionary.

I don't agree with McShea on the game, but it remains a single persons opinion. For gamers to suggest that "he didn't get paid off by Nintendo" or "did it for the hits" is so ridiculous it actually makes me laugh. Like gamespot really needs hits?

It goes back to the incessant problem with review score expectation. 7.5 is pretty damn solid, but because it's "gaming culture" to turn down games that score 8 or below, and the fact that it's a Zelda game, there are certain pre-conceived notions that 7.5 both isn't good enough, and insulting to a franchise held in such high regard.

hadriker2582d ago

He was incorrect about a technical fact, but being wrong about how it works doesn't change the end result, which is he had issues with how the game controlled.

JonahNL2582d ago

I'm actually a reviewer myself and I've been in the situation you just described. Several times I have gone against the popular opinion and I respect every reviewer who does that, but only if the criticism is valid.

Hide_and_Geek2582d ago

How did this get approved? Rife with spelling and grammatical errors.

flappersack2582d ago

"Your obviously not a Zelda fan." - WTF, really?


It is not that hard!

Kran2582d ago

"was given the task or reviewing the latest in the Zelda franchise"

It's either "the task for" which in a way still doesn't make sense, or "to"

Hide_and_Geek2582d ago

It would actually be "the task of".

sjtechblog2582d ago

Sorry, I am a student who struggled through every english exam I ever sat.

I started the website because i love gaming and technology, and most of my audience is aware of my poor english.

sjtechblog2581d ago

To who ever disagreed with this, are you saying you don't believe my life?

papashango2581d ago

If you love gaming and technology then you should be writing about gaming and tech. Not about what one person thinks about a game.

Kran2582d ago

It's one review score. And a 7.5 is still a good score. :/

No game can get top marks from every person.

Apocwhen2582d ago

I love the Zelda series and have no issues with the score he gave it.
So he didn't like the controls, that's his problem and not mine.

I could chop trees all day long in this game it's so satisfying

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