CVG - Spec Ops The Line: 'Grisly, disturbing horror sets 2K's shooter apart' Gameplay Preview

The hook for Spec Ops: The Line, the latest modern-themed military shooter to enter this fray, is horror. By that we don't mean the horror featuring the supernatural or nightmarish monsters. No, the horror in this instance is wholly the type one man is capable of visiting on another man, and, indeed, everyone and everything else in his immediate environment.

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REDGUM2577d ago

Intresting. Dead Island (kind of)? Apocolipse? Zombies? If it's made well, it'll be great i'd say. We'll see.....

LettingGo2577d ago

Apocalypse Now?

(I assume everyone saw Community last week...)

ReservoirDog3162577d ago

This sounds really interesting.