PS4, Xbox3, and Wii2: The Future of Gaming Hardware Editorial

Vgchartz writes, "As unfortunate as it may sometimes be, people have a tendency to want to predict what will occur in the future. All too often, the predictions end up as nothing more than one's hopes and dreams of what the future will hold rather than a realistic perspective of what could come to pass."

"In this opinion piece I will attempt to lay out realistic expectations for all three major console manufacturers for their primary platform next generation. I look forward to having people pick apart my ideas and discuss them. After all, this is what actually happens at the corporations in question. A person takes an educated look into the future and tries to predict what the company can deliver. Following this, a team picks apart the idea and over a few months they come up with something grounded in facts that they set off to plan, design, build, and deliver."

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PS3 Limps on and on3952d ago

This current gen barley started to me. Some people are even still calling it next gen.

That's when you know it's too early.

man0fsteel3952d ago

I totally agree. Perfect point

marinelife93952d ago

That guy could have saved himself some keystrokes and me some reading time. Some of his points didn't make any sense.

A next gen wii with a 2.5 ghz processor won't put it on the same filed as a 360 or PS3.

MS has already said they are pushing the envelope with their next processor and want to include speech recognition.

Sony has already stated that the PS3 will be a ten year system and will follow the same footprint as PS1 and PS2 seven years before the next release and continued support afterwards.

ChickeyCantor3952d ago (Edited 3952d ago )

people call it next gen because its BURNED into their brains, NEXT-GEN just a buzz word gamers use to justify their purchase.

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Xemnas3952d ago

yeah when are people going to call it this gen or now gen w/e lol

PMR_213952d ago

everyone get ready for RROD 720 lmao

Daytona3952d ago

Shhhhh, your mom's calling you, she said your last pair of good underwear has sh1t in them again.

DJ3951d ago

got his panties wet. Poor guy.

Power of Blu3926d ago

LOL Daytona, it only took you TWENTY days to come up with your own comeback! You think it mighta been better if you had just shut up instead of making a bigger fool of yourself?

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Milkman5413952d ago

Honestly it will be at least 2 more years before we start to hear more about the next systems from the big three.

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The story is too old to be commented.