Uncharted Golden Abyss Screenshots

Launching with PlayStation Vita on 12.17.

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NukaCola2578d ago

This game is off the chain. Looks better than most console games. Hell it's way better looking that Drake's Fortune and the added features in it like the camera, and all the Vita-based mini games are going to be sweet (Not just for climbing shooting etc, but solving puzzles) as all bloody hell. I cannot wait!

DonaldBeck2578d ago

yeah it looks pretty sweet.

tigertron2577d ago

One of the best looking launch titles ever it seems.

MasterCornholio2577d ago

The vita is truly a handheld worth buying. With incredible graphics, fantastic games, innovative hardware and great online its hard to say no to it. Unless your not a gamer or a complete fanboy of the another company.

Day one for me.


supremacy2577d ago

This game looks as beautiful as the platform is on.