15 Reasons To Buy A Wii

CNET: "Wait a second, you ask; why am I discussing buying a Wii in 2011? Your skepticism is justified: this holiday season, Nintendo feels like a shadow of its former self.

Still, seeing an ad for a $99 Wii this Black Friday has made me wonder: would I still recommend buying a Wii this year?

It's complicated."

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DonaldBeck2462d ago

i may buy a wii for skyward sword because i think the zelda series are really sweet games.

NewMonday2462d ago

i'm sure you have one that you forgot about tucked away somewhere, everybody has.


BubloZX2462d ago

Just download dolphin emulator for pc. Make sure you have bluetooth in your PC. Pair your wiimote and download this sucker. I had this game 4 days before its release and it was all free. At the most you'll need is a wiimote with motion plus and a nunchuck, and a bluetooth adapter if you dont have those things which wil cost you around $50 for all that.

frelyler2462d ago

And your an asshole for stealing, congrats!

Army_of_Darkness2462d ago

Besides, who would buy a wii these days anyway?! aside from parents... and fat people that think it's one more step to losing 1-2 Lbs.

caseh2462d ago

@ frelylier 'And your an asshole for stealing, congrats!'

indeed, congrats for apparently stealing something he never intended on buying to begin with by the sound of things.

Get off your anti-piracy high horse and think about it for a moment.

BubloZX2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Lol I bet the people who think I'm an asshole say that because their PC's and labtops are too shitty.
And just for the record I still intend on buying the Zelda 3ds. On black friday

HardCover2461d ago (Edited 2461d ago )

Stealing is stealing. Gotta expect people to talk down about it.

Hicken2461d ago

Hard to "steal" something that doesn't even exist until it's in your possession.

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UltimateIdiot9112462d ago

It's going for $100 at Walmart for Black Friday.

Though I'm sure you know someone in your family who has a wii collecting dust or use for nothing but Wii Sport that you can borrow from just for Zelda.

That's pretty much what I did.

jthamind2462d ago

i only needed two reasons for mine: Mario and Zelda.

Pikajew2462d ago

It has great games that get over looked because they are not HD

evilunklebud2462d ago

I'm close... they are getting pretty cheap. Just don't know how much time it will get next to my 360 and ps3 though.

StayStatic2462d ago

Going to have to crack out the wii soon , but still catching up on some other titles though:D

Need to grab me a copy of smash bros and finish twilight princess, which i stopped playing 2 years ago lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.