IGN: Self-Defense Training Camp Review

IGN writes:

"I had high hopes for Self-Defense Training Camp, if only because Ubisoft understands fitness games. I still think YourShape: Fitness Evolved is one of the best things you can play on Kinect, so I was optimistic about learning to beat up back-alley muggers. I was extra stoked when the first piece of advice my in-game instructor had to offer was "kick your attacker in the genitals."

This was the one and only moment I spent in the dojo not regretting the life choices that led me here."

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TheBeast2579d ago

I think IGN missed the point of "Self-Defense Training"

badz1492579d ago

I don't think anybody cares about this, not even Ubisoft, let alone Microsoft lol

OhMyGandhi2579d ago (Edited 2579d ago )

rated "Teen" for "mild sexual themes"....

perfectCarbonara2579d ago

Ya know I never used to see scores like 1/10 or 00/100...

...then Kinect happend.