Rumor: Remixed 7th Entry of Famous JRPG Coming to 3DS

This specific rumor is quite curious as details are scarce, but the available information could catch the attention of many JRPG fans.

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MattyF2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

More than likely. But the 7 gives hope for FF, even if it is very unlikely.

Kamikaze1352434d ago

FFVII is very unlikely. It would go to Vita before it goes to the 3DS and the Dragon Quest series seems to be Nintendo exclusive for now. That and VII is next on the remake list for DQ games.

fluffydelusions2434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Doubtful considering Sony helped fund FFVII afaik.

Misterhbk2434d ago

You people realize that Sony published Final Fantasy VII here in the States right? also, here's a run down;

Final Fantasy VII - PS1, PC
Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core - PSP
Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus - PS2

So I ask, what games within the Final Fantasy VII story have appeared on Nintendo systems? None, now suddenly, after Sony fans have been screaming for a Final Fantasy VII remake you think Square Enix is going to put it on the 3DS? Use some common sense people.

Godmars2902434d ago

Honestly, yeah, I think after promoting a PS3 remake of the game, offering reason why they can't do it at ridiculously set high standards they've never really hinted at as they've been more inclined to support multiplatform or just Xbox titles, this Square would turn around and put the game on a handheld that probably rates lower than a PS2.

VegaShinra2434d ago

Sony only published FF7 for PSOne in the states. Eidos did the PC version.

AWBrawler2433d ago

i doubt its FF7 but didn't Monster Hunter stay Sony only before the Wii???? it's possible

Kamikaze1352434d ago


Don't forget that Final Fantasy VII and VIII were on PC as well. Sony probably helped publish it on the PS1.

MakiManPR2434d ago

FFVII for 3DS? I really doubt it. Cuz a lot of people will get pissed and/or mad.

Relientk772434d ago

I think It would be Dragon Warrior VII

tiffac0082432d ago

That or a Dragon Quest title. I don't think Square Enix will put FF7 on a handheld when the majority of its fans has been screaming for a remake on a console.

user8586212434d ago (Edited 2434d ago )

Lol lots of people on the defense

anyway it does seem likely to be dq7

So thats MH 3,4, KH3D, RE:R and now this Jrpg, great 3rd party japanese love for the 3DS :)

antihiroprotagonist2434d ago

this would definitely be the worst (current) platform to do a FF 7 remake on. I'm going to go ahead and guess dragon quest VII

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