Mark Kart 7 - 7 Things You May Not Know

GameXplain: "Mario Kart 7 is nearly upon the gaming masses, and we've been having a lot of fun with it here in the office. Now as long-time fans of the Mario Kart series, we noticed some details that haven't really received a lot of coverage, so we decided to write about them! 7 of them, conveniently, in fact!"

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Samus HD2577d ago

I just hope there is a single mode in Battle mode

newsguy2578d ago

can't wait for this game. my 3ds will finally have something worth playing!

Focus2578d ago

When a spin-off gets to its 7th iteration you know the series is Milked.

dotwithshoes2578d ago

Yeah, because one game per console is pure milkage. I hate when companies give me 7 games over the course of a decade that are incredible fun, and I can enjoy countless hours of game play from. Shame on you Nintendo for doing this. Shame Shame Shame.

Focus2577d ago

I was talking about Mario as a whole genius