Will We Ever Let Kojima Spread His Creative Wings?

Hideo Kojima keeps wanting to try something new, but what if he put aside Metal Gear Solid to do it? Wouldn't the fans just freak right out?

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Batzi2551d ago

What if he decides to do Metal Gear and another game as well? Wouldn't that be a solution for both parties? I think that's what he is planning to do now and in my opinion that's the only solution because some want him to do Metal Gear others want him to do a new IP. This solution gives you both, a Metal Gear and a new game.

TheBlackMask2551d ago (Edited 2551d ago )

Oh for gods sake man, grab life by the balls and do what makes you happy...your 48, your not getting any younger.

If people are fans of your past work then they'll like anything you decide to throw at them

It's nice to care about the current fanbase you have but you don't need to bend over backwards for them

LOGICWINS2551d ago

"Will We Ever Let Kojima Spread His Creative Wings?"

We did that with MGS4 and he CLEARLY showed that hes a much bigger fan of movies and storytelling than ACTUAL gaming. If some gamers like the overly dramatic characters and 45 minute cutscenes, then more power to them. Personally I thought MGS3 was the best MGS game.

byrnezy2551d ago

I agree with MGS3 being best in series, but MGS4 was absolutley superb as well!

I would like MGS5 and a new IP but how much can the man work... what ever he wants to do I would buy, love his work end of story

LOGICWINS2551d ago

It's all opinion really. I know people that liked MGS4 and I know plenty that didn't. It's not for everyone.

Batzi2551d ago

true story. Totally agree.