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Submitted by FlameHawk 1541d ago | review

GameSpy - Minecraft Review

GameSpy - When the order to review Minecraft first came down from On High, I was honestly dumbstruck. "Review Minecraft?" I wondered to myself. "Like, with words and numbers? Is that even possible?" So I obsessed about it for days, reawakening a potentially life-destroying Minecraft addiction -- a fact that's now written all over my unwashed, un-shaven face. When I blink, I see blocks. When I dream, Creepers are everywhere. But I don't regret it, because I eventually came to a conclusion: Minecraft, somewhat fittingly, is what you make of it. Standard reviewing protocol doesn't work here. A.I., graphics, cover systems, and all that nonsense? They don't apply. Hell, I can't even tell you how you'll end up spending your time with the game. But I can tell you what's really defined Minecraft for me. So let's talk about that. (Minecraft, PC) 5/5

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