Spong Reviews Guitar Hero III: Legends Of Rock

Spong writes:

"Guitar Hero III is the best pretend-rock-guitar game ever made and I urge you to buy it this Christmas. Aside from Mario it's the game I'll most likely be continuing to return to and spending most time with in the coming months. It's out on PS3 (the version I've been playing), 360, PS2, PC and Wii - a version with a few special little extras that we should be getting a look-in with in the coming weeks, so watch out for more on that. Somewhat weirdly, a DS version is in the works due for release sometime early next year. If we had such a thing as a SPOnG Buy-It award, then I'd stick it on this game. Though I'll never forgive Activision for listing 'She Bangs A Drum' on the box."

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