Xbox Prestige Concept Packs All The Features We Want In Microsoft’s Next-Gen Console

DirectLOAD technology, voice and face recognition, and a more enhanced version of Kinect—the Xbox Prestige concept is the future console of every 360 owners dreams. Check out what other awesome features are packed into this prototype.

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vishant1012555d ago

Depends if it possible to make a machine like this for a low cost but it needs a few things such as a disc drive hey i want bc and more RAM i wand to be able to open a webbrowser on top of a game and search for a walkthrough or be able to play music from youtube on top of my games.

darthv722554d ago

yeah i can see where people would like it to have an optical drive. Then again, if this is true and MS is going all digital then no optical drive would be needed.

HD movies can be purchased/streamed via the zune marketplace.

Venjense2554d ago

If MS goes all digital they can forget about selling many consoles in Canada.

We have some of the worst ISPs in the western world, we pay more and get less.

Point is, we have tiny bandwith caps so no one would be able to buy a game without paying another 20 bucks to the ISP for going over monthly limits.

My friends and I were excited to play DC Universe because we heard it was pretty good, go to download it, see it's 18 gigs and then pass because it will probably end up costing 20 bucks in overage fees at the end of the month.

If Canadian won't dl free games, they definitely won't pay for them.

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