Uncharted 3 is PS3 Game of the Year members vote Uncharted 3 as the best PS3 Exclusive of 2011!

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DaThreats2313d ago

So it begins...
GOTY! GOTY! Game Game Game

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Ezio20482312d ago

ohh i finally got a chance to sit on N4G after tedious work in office and seems i have got my treat!!! <3<3

Well Deserved Naughty Dog!!!:):)

SPARDA_4262313d ago

Uncharted 3 is definitely my GOTY, and Batman at second place.

Jayjayff2313d ago

Portal 2 and Uncharted 3 for me.

Pixel_Enemy2313d ago

Uncharted for me too. I just bought Zelda Skyward Sword tho to see what all thy hype was about. So far it is pretty cool. I hear it is about 40 hours of game play though. I am only like 3 hours in.

Batzi2313d ago

I agree, it is indeed a PS3 Game of The Year. But Batman is THE game of the year and there is no question about it.

Aussiegamer2313d ago

Really then how come their is a vote for GOTY, that would mean someone is questioning all of them against each other...correct?!

MysticStrummer2313d ago

No question for you maybe, but many people would disagree with you and pick another GotY. Dark Souls is mine, but many would say Portal 2, Skyrim, or (insert game title here), so... yeah there is a question about it.

KonaBro2313d ago

We will see. No need to get all grumpy about it just because no one agrees that B:AC is the definitive GotY of 2011.

SoapShoes2313d ago

Hmmm if Uncharted is PS3 game of the year then wouldn't that make it over all GOTY? That makes no sense because Batman is on the PS3 so if it's over all game of the year then how would it not be PS3 game of the year?

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negroguy2313d ago

Ill be getting this masterpiece on black Friday. Right now Skyrim is it for me but that could change. It's probably no doubt as an exclusive Uncharted definitely holds the crown.

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The story is too old to be commented.