America's Army: True Soldiers - Games Radar Review gives 3/10

Games Radar writes:

"You'd think it would be near impossible to mess up a game about the most formidable and powerful modern military force in history, but somehow the shooter America's Army: True Soldiers reduces everything cutting edge, dangerous and compelling about being a soldier to a rated-PG play-fomercial.

With developer Red Storm's pedigree of classic Ghost Recon and Rainbow Six games, this title could've been really deep. Imagine the possibilities: crazy physical challenges and hazing missions in boot camp, cussing drill sergeants breathing down your neck and being tempted to try a stealthy "gone AWOL, escape-to-the-stripclub for the night" minigame. You could even become an officer and work your way through a dramatic storyline until you made general. It would be awesome."

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LOFT3163881d ago

Someone's for the chop

snoop_dizzle3881d ago

i think ill just stick with COD4 and graw 2.

MK_Red3881d ago

Same here.

LOL at disagree. Someone prefers America's Army to COD4 amd GRAW2!? Wow.

MK_Red3881d ago

That's too high. This game is a crime against humanity and with full price, it deserves to be exterminated.

AnalFace3881d ago

American army. Cant hit a target! ahahahaha.... friendly fire anybody?

DarkSniper3881d ago

Only on XBOX 360 will you receive an abundance of first person shooting exclusives. Most of which have scored generally unfavorable reviews.

Games such as America's Army, Hour of Victory, and Call of Juarez gives the XBOX 360 the identity of the defective console with poor to mediocre first person shooting games.

Sony's PLAYSTATION 3© substansiazes quality in their first person shooting games. Quality titles such as Resistance:Fall of Man and Killzone 2 has generated a massive fanbase which even further levels up the good credibility of our system.


razer3881d ago

and trolls suck.

Nobody cares about this game and nobody used it in their list of titles for the 360 to brag. The 360 has enough strong titles to warrant a purchase even with crap like this. Every system get's it's share of shovelware.. Do you think MS should send out a message to all dev's to stop making FPS games?? These dev studio's make up their own minds on what kind of games they make and if they pay MS the fee's to license the game to the 360 then it's made and released.

How many crappy titles did the PS2 have?

I think the last thing PS3 fanboys want to be doing is comparing scores of games to that of the 360.

DarkSniper3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

For someone who is highly critical of the PLAYSTATION 3© Home Entertainment Console, let me ask you this Razer. Why do you own a PS3?

According to your profile, it shows that you do own the console correct? But yet every comment from you is made in attempts to bash the PS3© in the worst way possible. If I paid 400-600 for something I owned, I wouldnt wish death upon it like you have been.

DarkSniper's personal opinion says that you're a liar. It's okay to be an XBot. Being an undercover one says a lot about your personality and makes Darksniper wonder what else you're hiding in "the closet".

Let me reiterate, being a loyal xbot is okay. I will say the 360 is one titanic of a system. One massive ship that ended up sinking and killing everyone that hopped aboard.