Skyrim Secrets: How To Carry Unlimited Items Bypassing Weight Limitation (Guide)

Pinoytutorial: Here's a quick tutorial teaching you how to carry infinite amount of items or loots transforming a companion as your one-stop storage while playing in the field. Weight limitation be gone!

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bozebo2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Some people needed a guide for that? Guess the UI is bad then.

Sub4Dis2161d ago

not sure what you're saying.

i say this is pointless though. if you have to go through this kind of trouble EVERY time you want your companion to hold something, wouldn't it just be much easier and time efficient to fast travel to the storage area?

i play as a thief and don't want a companion, but i can hold 450+ pounds of stuff just on my own. that's more than enough. i store my ingredients, food, ore, and scales at my house, and i vendor or DE what i don't need. i rarely go over 400 pounds of stuff at any given time.

Legion2161d ago

I am level 23 and haven't chosen to buy the house yet. Also, I delve deep into many dwarf dungeons and there are a lot of heavy items I have my companion pick up for me. You can point her to a chest and she will take everything out of it at once for you.

I have her pick up every random weapon that is dropped on the floor and if I see some nice armor on an enemy then I will take it off them and drop it for her to carry for me.

Too bad I have yet to find a fence to get rid of all the stolen items I have.

bozebo2160d ago

15 people have never played an elder scrolls game before :P

LightofDarkness2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

Oh, Lydia. How I miss you. You bravely gave your life about 28 hours into the game. In the intense battle against Morokei for the Staff Of Magnus, you took one lightning blast too many (or maybe a stray dual-casted firebolt from me, was kind of confusing at the time) and that was your end. I know, I could've reverted the save back to before the fight; but screw you, that guy was tough. Plus, who knows, maybe there's a restoration spell that will bring you back. I am the Arch-Mage, I can make it happen.

Oh Lydia...

LightSamus2161d ago

It was definitely you, she won't die if damaged by an enemy, only be temporarily incapacitated :P

Dovahkiin2161d ago

I've heard this a few times, can they definitely only die by your hand? It'll give me peace of mind if they can't die via enemies.

Chnswdchldrn2161d ago

Yes Dovahkiin. Nah Zelomi Vork Ah nah. Companions only die by your blade. Voor Tak Nepat Dovahkiin; take caution in your swings, Dovahkiin.

Iroquois_Pliskin2161d ago (Edited 2161d ago )

No no. Correction: When your follower's health reaches zero, they will go to staggered mode (they go down). If they are hit by anything (splash damage spells etc.) they will die.

LightofDarkness2161d ago

If they get hit by any other thing during their felled or staggered state and their health drops below 0, they die. It can be anything that does it, not just you. Enemies leave them alone, but if you staggered companion should come between you and an enemy's arrow or ice shard, or be caught in a fiery blast from an enemy's fireball, that will do it.

brodychet2161d ago

Lol traps, and being poisoned can also kill them. Not just you.

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ThrazN72161d ago

Lydia was a sassy biatch. The house Carl of solitude is much nicer nordic women

SwampCroc2161d ago

Morokei wasn't too bad when I fought him... However, I just got done the guy for the Peyrite Daedric Quest and Holy Shit was he hard.. I had to completely change tactics... luckily I even had a weapon... magic did not work at all

thornh2161d ago

I will never let my Lydia die!

I've lost a dog and a horse, both of whom bravely defended me until the bitter end.

My only wish is that I could ask Lydia, remove the freaking ice shard sticking in my right eye and out the back of my head!!! It's getting really annoying now!!!

eak32161d ago

Yes I too lost Lydia in my Morkei battle. I also lost a horse to an angry mob of Forsworn.

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