Splitkick - Dark Souls Review

Splitkick: Dark Souls is bitingly cold. The player is thrust into the midst of this desolate landscape without explanation, hopeless and lacking direction. If you were smart, this is where you would stop. Eject the disk. Maybe put it on eBay or just store it on your shelf as a memento. Unlike Sisyphus, the choice has been given. Don’t fool yourself; you don’t have to begin this.

But if you’re anything like me, it can’t be helped. It’s a compulsion – a sickness.

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Blaine2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Worst Dark Souls review. Not really a review, anyway.

To the author: go back to Uni and learn the difference between a comparative essay and a review. Also, while you're there, try to pick up a few hints about something called "objectivity". Reviews aren't supposed to read like a blog. People don't want to read your life's story or which philosophers you read, they want to know how well the game delivers on its promise. And, for this one, it's a hell of a lot better than 7/10.

(Oh, also: don't use fancy words if you don't know them. It's not "corporal", it's "corporeal". That's just one of many examples I could have pulled from your comparative essay/ blog.)

Tanir2581d ago

yeah the writer was a complete moron and apparent noob that wants to have his hand held.

poor me when i was 3 being thrust into the world of super mario without instructions!....(i was 3 so yes i brag even if its simple lol)

fact is play the game, learn etc. guy is dumb

grahf2581d ago

I honestly don't know what he is trying to accomplish with the review, and what his "Fun Per Session" rating means... So his rating would have been a 9 if he didn't start the optional New Game +? The New Game + option/feature has been around since the NES days! I don't think it is meant to represent an endless struggle or a continuation of the story.

Blaine2581d ago

If anything NG+ makes it more fun because you get to keep all the gear you worked hard for in the first playthrough.

Some of the gear and spells you can only get at the end of the game. It's fun to start a new game and be able to use them at the beginning. Obviously the difficulty has to be increased accordingly, and it is.

The game wouldn't be the same without the NG+ option.