Fable 2 in late 2008 - Molyneux

Fable 2 will be released in "late 2008", Peter Molyneux told Eurogamer readers today in a wide-ranging LiveText interview.

When pressed to be more specific, he added: "Late 2008. Maybe when the leaves have a slight brownish tinge - but are still on the trees, if you see what I mean." Fable 2 is Lionhead's Xbox 360-exclusive follow-up to the critically acclaimed Xbox ARPG Fable.

Molyneux also dropped hints about what else the British developer - now Microsoft-owned - is working on. "We are working on a title now which is kind of a hybrid of Dimitri," he told Eurogamer readers.

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PS3 Limps on and on3913d ago

Those few screen shots look pretty weak.

mesh13913d ago

shat up how can a game with out a released date be delayed ? lighting or what ever ur nme is try and make sense u tard =)

InMyOpinion3912d ago

Did you miss the tech demos with the dog AI etc? I think they're available over at

Wii60_FTW3912d ago

Look at this PS3 idiot getting first post on every 360 article. What a sad freak. Maybe if he had some GotY 360 titles to play, he'd be elsewhere.

And Fable 2 is going to crush PS3 in '08.

MK_Red3913d ago

1.NOOooo, I don't want to wait that long. I want Fable now :(
2.It's not sane to go head to head with Fallout 3 in late 2008, specially for an RPG.

PS3 Limps on and on3913d ago

It seems that way, every year a lot of games end up getting delayed into the following year.

gamesR4fun3912d ago

ME just floped for me so Im really looking forward to the title the first one was a blast on the pc...
Still a must buy for my 360 since it will be out first has for going up against F3 all I can say is this might just stand a chance...
Personally Im going to try and save for both and kiss r/l goodbye.

BIoodmask3913d ago

is actually a really good time for the release. It would be nice not to have to wait that long but that will be the Holiday season where Microsoft will see the most sales. This is the trend the industry usually follows with most of the bigger titles released during the Christmas season.

Noodlecup3913d ago

I'm glad I sold my 360 when I did, I wouldn't want to wait more than 10 months for the next good 360 game.

Hugh Hefner3913d ago

The next good 360 game??? Yeah whatever. Sucks to be you.

mesh13912d ago

hhaha i find it funny when sony trolls i.e wink wink (gamer4fun and mitchell) try ans say fable 1 was an amazing game only kids wud say that game was 1 of the best game they had played yes it had amazing grapics but fable 1 was toooooo short that was the only flaw it was not a real rpg but fable 2 with the beast called the 360 will work i out p.s MASS EFFECT IS GOTY 2007

green_ghost53912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

What's your point exactly? Fable and Fable TLC were some of the BEST games I've ever played, they were so fun, yes they were short, but I played them over and over again. I'm not a PS3 fanboy, I'm not a kid, either. I love those games, in fact I'm about half way through Fable TLC, it's probably about my 120th time to play it. So, really your comment served no purpose whatsoever.

SullyDrake3912d ago

Based on reviews of the first, this may be the game that pushes me to dropping $400 on a 360. Maybe.

Then again, from a console-war perspective, PS3 will have White Knight Story and possibly FFXIII by then, so Fable 2 won't affect sales. But console wars suck, so meh.

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The story is too old to be commented.