Modern Warfare 3 is ‘An Un-Game With a Core of Nastiness’

John Walker: I've just this minute finished the single-player campaign for Modern Warfare 3. It leaves a very bitter taste at its climax. But perhaps not the same bitter taste that flavours it throughout. It is an enormously high-achieving action FPS, on a scale like nothing before it, turned to 11. And it's a bloodthirsty, bombastic and clumsy un-game, with a core of nastiness.

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KingPin2555d ago

Modern Warfare 3 is an Un-Game just like this article is un-journalism.

i think thats about right.

MrBeatdown2555d ago

Good news everyone! I've got cliffnotes written by the author himself...

Eiffel tower fell over. It's a side note despite being one of the biggest scenes in the game. Should have been central focus of the story to make it more important. Screw saving the President. Metal tourist attraction should be the focus.

Didn't say "the tunnel collapsed" good enough. Suggested improved conversation: [suggestion omitted]

Soldiers yelling orders on a battlefield = "pompous severity".

Have to play as soldier following orders, a mission plan, and squadmates, just like a normal soldier. Should be Rambo instead. Needs to be like every other game ever made.

"Occasional superpower" for sake of fun = bad. Also, I can get shot and continue the mission. WTF!?

"Main characters expectedly die in what were clearly supposed to be dramatic scenes, but instead just become unfortunate comedy as the grunting actors attempt pathos, and all the while civilians are slaughtered for your viewing entertainment." Because mourning people you know, but not the people you don't is just weird. Nobody does that.

First person SHOOTING game about war. Violence depicted. Obviously bloodthirsty. Needs more rainbows.

Some scenes take away freedom. Should be able to do anything any time. Always the best approach to storytelling.

Can't save at mid-mission checkpoints. Well, you can, but I'll say you can't anyway.

Don't like game. Must piss on anything and everything I can think of.

polian2555d ago

I actually agree with everything talked about in this article. I legitimately tried to enjoy the game, but I cannot play for more than 10-20 minutes before it becomes so monotonous that I cannot continue. The cliches are just over-the-top and everything just feels excessive and meaningless. My tastes must have changes over the last several years, because I remember loving every moment of CoD 4, but this game just makes me feels sick and angry.

Just my 2 cents.

pumpactionpimp2555d ago

No I feel the same way. And I have wondered if im getting older... or what it is? I loved MW, and ran out and bought MW2 at midnight. Needless to say I swore that to be my last Call of Duty game.

There trying to out do, what was done in the last game, but with only minor tweaks not re-working the formula.

I may get MW3 just to play the story threw... but it's not a must have, especially right now.

Areeb112554d ago

i quite liked the story, Infinity Ward knows how to pull your heartstrings, especially when it comes to characters you might've gotten used to ;)

ReservoirDog3162555d ago

CoD4 was a completely different game than mw2 and 3. It grounded itself more in reality and the drama actually made sense. I still view it today as one of the best singleplayer FPS games this gen.

But the second mw2 started the snowmobile chase, allllll that was thrown out the window. Without a doubt, mw2 was the biggest slap on the face a developer ever gave me.

But CoD4 was different.

TheGameFoxJTV2555d ago

Exactly, now it feels like each game is being made by Micheal Bay.

wsoutlaw872555d ago

lol definitely Micheal Bay. Like Micheal Bay trying to out do Micheal Bay.

MRMagoo1232554d ago

/agree to all comments here

jjb19812554d ago

What the phuck is an un-game? This guy is un-smart...

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