Mortal Kombat Vitality confirmed for PS VITA

During the PS Vita Show Case in London yesterday, Sony shows several Titles that coming for PlayStation Vita including Mortal Kombat Vitality.

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Misterhbk2310d ago

Nice that the name has finally been confirmed. Now give us some gameplay and a release date!

miyamoto2310d ago


I wonder who are the guest fighters for the Vita?

Kratos? Cole? Drake? Helghast Soldier? Batman? Nightwing?

Cloudberry2310d ago

Kratos already appeared on PS3 so...


Silly gameAr2310d ago

That's all I needed to hear. I haven't bought a portable gaming system since the Gameboy Advance SP, but the Vita is looking like a buy for me.

Infernostew2310d ago

I'm in the exact same boat buddy. SP was my last handheld as well but the Vita is so damn tempting to bring me back into that handheld market.

supremacy2310d ago

Excellent, flawless victory, vitality

jujubee882310d ago


This was confimred almost one year before but, this comes as a surprise nonetheless. I want to see a trailer, screenshots and/or gameplay of "Mortal Kombat Vitality".

"GET OVER HERE!" -Scorpion.

Focus2310d ago

Confirmed a year ago but comes as a suprise? *sigh*
Vitality is such a stupid title. Better than Gold at least.

jujubee882310d ago

In that it is actually being released despite NetherRealm being mum on the project this whole time.

Why are you sighing online? Need an anti-depressant/arthritis pill to make your writing more upbeat? cheer up, dude/tte!

KonaBro2310d ago


That's actually pretty clever. :D

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The story is too old to be commented.