Activision's CEO Thinks Call of Duty Deserves Hurt Locker-Level Respect

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg had some sharp words when asked about the criticism that Call Of Duty games get for their supposed glorification of violence and military aggression.

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Hufandpuf2554d ago

"The producers didn't create The Hurt Locker as a public service; they did it to tell a story that they thought needed to be told.-"

So they think MW's story needed to be told? What a joke.

Hurt Locker is close to reality. COD throws reality out the window.

NewMonday2553d ago

"The developers didn't create COD as a public service; they did it to make money that they thought needed to be made"


Oh boy this is not gonna end well**Hides under my AntiFlame suit**

RememberThe3572553d ago

I don't get it either. I'm not a huge critic of the game but it's no "Hurt Locker". I'm not even a huge fan of that movie, but MW3 pays little respect to the actual men and women that serve. Medal of Honor does a much better job IMO.

fei-hung2553d ago

This is what happens when millions of children go out and support a company ran buy money greedy idiots.

However, I may be wrong and this may be proof that the Heads of Activision have a sense of humour... obviously though, the joke is on the gamers.

Heartnet2553d ago

But us gamers owe alot to Activision for the gaming industry in general.. even before CoD :)

All Publishers are money hungry douches... you think they wud support a company that loses money? Dont think so :)

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Tachyon_Nova2554d ago

I thought hurt locker was a shite movie that got way too much respect, but anyway...

coolbeans2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

To each his own, but I find it deserves all of its respect for being the first movie without the cliched bomb guy who gets injured (or something else) and talks the main protagonist through diffusing it near the end.

Kingdom Come2553d ago

So films deserve critical acclaim for avoiding cliches?

coolbeans2553d ago

^ You're putting words in my mouth. There's a fine line between avoiding cliches and delivering a story that's above and beyond the material that came before it.

Pandamobile2554d ago

Call of Duty is more like The Expendables than Hurt Locker.

Criminal2554d ago

Call of Duty is many things, Hurt Locker isn't one of them. It's a great movie!

fooxy2554d ago

Hurt Locker a movie made by some MILF that does not represent anything realistic about military besides couple of explosions I guess same thing I can say about copy paste cod and godly Bobby

LettingGo2553d ago

I think you're forgetting what the ILF stands for in MILF.

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