Gear Box casting for Lilith is open

Why not try out to be Lilith in the new Borderlands 2?
You must be female, between the ages of 18 and 30.
You must able to provide your own transportation and be on-set in the Dallas, TX area for testing and shooting during the first three weeks of December.
You do not need to have any past acting or modeling experience, but you will be expected to follow direction and exhibit a range of facial expressions and emotions for the camera.
We will choose a candidate that has sufficient plausible resemblance to the character Lilith from the video game Borderlands.

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WhiteLightning2554d ago

Whats this for...

I mean she isn't a playable character because of Gearboes stupid decision to make them NPCs....because they want to give them character can't do both, other studios do it with their main characters don't see why you guys can't.

I mean they should of been in the sequel instead of characters which are basicaly improved versions of the characters we already came to know and love. They could of easily gave those improvments to the vault hunters. Even the plot sort of revolves round them, handsome Jack is going round telling people he opened the vault, if you were these guys wouldn't you want to get your revenge instead of another person.

Honestly they should of stuck with the vault hunters, they're even marketing with them by the looks of it. Hope there will be DLC where you play as them in a mission leading up to the events of Borderlands 3

TheBlackMask2554d ago

I think the new characters are pointless aswell. The Gunzerker is basicaly what Brick - The Berzeker could of been if they were the main characters again and Gearbox had to come up with new abilities and improvments.

I wanted to import my save data from the first Borderlands so I could carry some stuff over, maybe even the weapons I have in my Bank.

Reibooi2554d ago

Why exactly are they recasting her in the first place? While she didn't have a ton of lines in the original she did talk(mostly when you killed things and she had a funny little one liner)

Collen Clinkenbeard played her in the original and is a very good voice actress I don't see why they don't just bring her back.

thrasherv32554d ago

Who said they aren't bringing her back? This is for live action Lilith similar to the Guardian Angel in the first game. For the Guardian Angel in BL1 there was two separate actresses for each role: one for the voice and another for live action footage. The requirements say nothing about voice, only for facial expressions.

Reibooi2554d ago (Edited 2554d ago )

I was unaware that the voice of the Angel in the original game was different then the person who played her so I had just assumed the voice over would be done by whoever gets cast for this.

Although thinking about it a little more it doesn't make sense that that would be the case as they would no doubt want someone with experience to do real voice over work. And your right I don't see anything about voice work listed. Seems I just jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Still I hope they do bring back Collen to do the voice of Lilith. Honestly it would not surprise me if they recast her because she had next to no lines in the original but she really did fit the character.

BuT_TeR2554d ago

This is my chance to become a star!