Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection Patch Delayed Until At Least Dec 6th

Unfortunately, for those wanting to see a nice clean up job to the Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection release before Thanksgiving will have to wait even further. Word from Ed Boon says that the patch may not be arriving until around December 6th. Not a hard date but we can rule out that the patch will not be coming out this week.

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Yi-Long2575d ago (Edited 2575d ago )

... but what was wrong with it and needs cleaning up!?

Also, this game will be 400MSP this friday on XBLA! 1 day only.

DlocDaBudSmoka2575d ago

i want to know the same thing. whats wrong that needs patched. is it the ultra-mega-super-difficult mk2?

AntoineDcoolette2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

The online is unplayable because it lags like **** when its even functioning. Also the game is a basic port with no additional bells or whistles as Capcom attached to Super Street Fighter 3 Online

I'm glad I didn't buy this game.

MogKnight2574d ago

The issues (like Antoine stated) are primarily in the online department. Even when playing with someone nearby, the game slows down to sub 60 FPS, drops inputs and overall becomes a terrible experience to play.

Other issues also include achievements not unlocking correctly, specifically when beating an MK game. There are also emulation problems as well that some of the hardcore classic... erm, "klassic" Mortal Kombat fans will tell you. Overall, I find it to be a pretty okay port with nothing really special. It's better than the UMK3 release on XBLA because at least I can change my buttons. But, the lack of decent online play really hurts it.

Army_of_Darkness2575d ago

I'm a huge MK fan and was excited for this collection, until I found out it wasn't even in HI-DEF.....WTF?!
thank god for beef jerky. I'm calm now.