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Casey White: "Skyward Sword is the best sum of all of the Zelda parts to-date: It takes advantage of the hardware in unique and interesting ways without feeling tacked on, it features a host of gadgets new and old that all feel awesome to wield, it's story is a grand epic that manages to tie-in with the franchise more directly than most, and the mount (bird) in the game is the best way to get around since Epona. The game features numerous nods and allusions to previous outings in the franchise, and by the end of the game you've had a full-on Zelda experience that brings forwards memories of all your favorites from the franchises long history, while providing an altogether new experience."

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slainbaby2553d ago

10, really? it should have no cons if it's a perfect game. Reviewer is biased.

schlanz2553d ago

Some people still haven't figured out that perfect score =/= perfect game, I guess.

TheNightNinja2553d ago

Could not have said it better myself. Thank you schalnz.

user8586212553d ago

Daymmm Nintendo on a roll with these high rated games

zero_gamer2553d ago (Edited 2553d ago )

Amazing game, best on the system. Every Wii owner should buy it.

The controls are great too, although they took me some getting used to, as I almost never play any motion control-heavy game on the Wii. But they're not broken by any means.

Drake1172553d ago

this game is terrible idk how its getting such perfect scores. Complete letdown from the last zelda. they really need to update the series somehow.

TheNightNinja2553d ago

"Last Zelda" implying Spirit Tracks for the DS, or last game on the Wii, Twilight Princess? Because if you think Skyward Sword fails compared to Twilight Princess I'd be very curious to hear why? (Though comparison to either would be interesting actually)

Drake1172552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

not like its worth a reply since most of the ppl on hear have their opinions set in stone but simply no innovation what so ever other than adding motion control. And i was talking about Twilight princess.

schlanz2552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

I can almost guarantee that you haven't played Skyward Sword.

Judging by your avatar you must be balls deep in Skyrim as I am. Considering I am a big fan of Zelda games and still can't pull myself away from Skyrim just yet, I highly doubt that you have.

Troll more.

EDIT: Also want to note, Skyrim has not innovated really anything at all since Morrowind. Guess its not a good game either.

Drake1172552d ago (Edited 2552d ago )

Lol i like the fact that every time someone says something negative about their beloved Zelda it means they haven't played it. I own the game, im currently in the skyview temple(really just the grass temple like every zelda game b4 it) the zone i was just in was the faron woods yep the same exact woods as the last zelda game. I just collected the sling shot just like every zelda game b4 it. To get into the temple i had to shoot some crystal above the door with my slingshot(just like every other zelda) then when i was inside the temple i killed spiders dangling from the ceiling or walking on vines that i have to clime yet again exactly like the last zelda games. Oh wait then i had to confuse some eyeball thing exactly like i did in ocarina of time from 1998. Oh yeah and people still make little moans and growns at me which means they are talking to me, which in turn means i have read the same long drawn out cutscenes every 2 mins. Not to mention the only thing the story really does is filter out the bad guy, im still the precious little boy that has to save the captured or lost zelda.
Btw i am balls deep in Skyrim but i have played skyward sword. To say that skyrim hasn't innovated at all since morrowind is just plain stupid, makes me think u never played morrowind. Just to name a couple upgrades because i don't want to write a da** essay here. Morrowind didnt have voice acting, skyrim has over 75 voice actors. Morrowind was completely stat based, you could swing your sword at things 15 times and hit them twice, skyrim is completely action based. Almost no radiant AI in morrowind, people would walk outside their house then back in at dark, People in skyrim have a complete schedule filled with working a job, eating, talking to other denizens. Thats just a couple upgrades of many and i already feel like i have said enough. good day to you sir.

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