MotorStorm RC - PS Vita Screenshots and Trailer |

The new edition of the brilliant series of handheld MotorStorm enters the PS Vita and PS3 (PlayStation Network). Make it unusual, because Sony has announced MotorStorm RC (Radio Controlled OFF ROAD RACING). As you may already know but are currently, huge machines and loud roaring flames shooting from the ass will be replaced by remote-controlled models.

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pyramid2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

oh my.My favorite racing game for ps3(even the one for psp was great!) and they are turning it into rc-car racing.What the heck are they thinking.Please dont!!

Tanir2307d ago

i was hoping the next game could be similar to apocalypse, but perhaps use crazy fantasy settings, like riding across Valhalaah from norse mythology, a dragon infested burning Castle town, Underwater atlantis like world, i dunno just some crazy stuff :P

but rc racing, hope it comes out good

remanutd552307d ago

little LUNATICS Unite !!!! my most anticipated vita title !!!!!! but i still want Motorstorm Worldwide Festival EVO so it better be a ps4 launch title !!!

HaHa_Ostrich2307d ago

I hear ya. Motorstorm with brand new tracks, + the best tracks from previous games, now that would be awesome.

HIV2307d ago

Remember SKID MARKS? MS RC will kick ass!