Wild Arms XF coming to American PSPs in Spring 2008

From the article: "Wild Arms XF will take the Wild West-themed RPG series in a new direction by offering tactical strategy gameplay. It is also the first Wild Arms game to appear on a handheld system.

The story has all the hallmarks of the RPG genre: A recent apocalypse, a neverending war, a fiendish and possibly corrupt royal family. Naturally, a plucky group of teenagers will be called on to save the world."

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CNIVEK3885d ago

I remember G4TV's "Game franchises that need to die" series. I think 'Wild Arms' eventually made the list ; if not, it will now. What a stupid, sh*tty franchise. :D

WilliamRLBaker3885d ago

i love wild arms its an awesome series.

Darkiewonder3885d ago

Glad they took the rpg and turned it Strat RPG!

WAR_MACHINE773885d ago

I like wild arms, probably have to pick this up.