Netflix 'Just for Kids' launches on Wii today

Netflix's instant selection isn't just limited to raunchy teen comedies and steamy adult dramas. The company also offers a "Just for Kids" section that includes content directed for children 12 and under. Not only is this section broken by genre (superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs and girl power), the Just for Kids section lets you browse by character. For example, you can find all of Netflix's content featuring Elmo, or Garfield.

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Rezka2551d ago

this is great news I can now not worry about my son while he's on netflix

ScubbaSteve2551d ago

Is this a kid "section" on netflix or did they finally get around to changing the way they recommend movies? Last time I tried their service they wouldn't let you change your viewing history so the kids would still see all the "raunchy teen comedies and steamy adult dramas" when they log on. Would much rather see them add different profiles/password protection/history editing.

It's been awhile since I tried netflix, about a year, so maybe the user interface is better now. I had tried it on the ps3 and am genuinely curious if it's more user friendly.