Venturer HD DVD Player Surfaces at Wal-Mart

The long-anticipated budget HD DVD player from Venturer has finally arrived, and is being sold by Wal-Mart for $199.

Back when it was first announced in late August, Venturer's SHD7000 player had been expected to break low-price records this holiday season, but with Toshiba's entry-level HD DVD players being sold for as little as $99 earlier this month (also at Wal-Mart), Venturer's HD DVD launch has lost a bit of its thunder.

Still, with Wal-Mart carrying the player, there's no telling how many Christmas shoppers may be wooed by its low price.

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ktchong3909d ago

This is anti-climatic after the $199 and $99 Toshiba HD DVD players.

Cacolaco3909d ago

Have to agree. There is a big stack of Toshiba HD DVD players down at my local Wal-Mart, and they sell for $198. Why would one purchase a Venturer over a Toshiba?

Sexius Maximus3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

Yea, I wouldn't get one unless is was 1080p. This player is no better than Toshiba's.

kewlkat0073909d ago

it will be interesting to see what the average casual consumer that does not visit N4G flaimbaits, buys.

Will these players sell on price alone?

well if it's like anything we seen with the limited $99 HD-DVD sale like a month ago then it will be crazy, knowing walmart.

eagle213909d ago

who would buy the "Ace Venturer"? lol

Funky Town_TX3909d ago

with 9 free movies. 1080i is fine. I have a 1080p tV and it de-interlaces just fine. When BR is cheaper I will get one too. PS3, 360, BR and HD-DVD on one TV.

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The story is too old to be commented.