Top 3 Free to Play Games Everyone should Play

Jamie, GamerEuphoria writes: "Is the economic downturn getting you down? Unable to play the games you really want? Money tight and feeling left out?

Well, with more and more free to play games popping up it was about time we showed you what FREE games your missing out on.

What is a Free 2 Play game? Its as simple was what it is called, it's a game that you are able to download for free and play for free! How do the game companies make their money? With each game there is a premium version, this is the bit you pay for and other extras like, better weapons or armour that you CAN'T get in the game you have to pay for!"

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urwifeminder2581d ago (Edited 2581d ago )

Really enjoy the war inc beta but no asia pacific servers means lots of lag,bf heroes is the most fun ive had gaming in ages everyone has lots of health makes it intense but pure fun love it,free to play is really catching on and the quality is getting better.

caseh2581d ago

Free to Play games have been pretty awesome for years.

There was one I was playing when I could be bothered with PC gaming called Lunia: Record of War. Amazing game that sapped months from my life.

there was a good online golf mmorpg and football game as well, all of em are still about. :)

Chrono2581d ago

DC Universe Online
Dragon Nest
The Lord of the Rings Online