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Battlefield 3 Review: Above and Beyond the Call? [MediaStinger]

MediaStinger: "Another year, another Battlefield and Call of Duty. War. War never changes. Or does it? It’s been six years since Battlefield 2 hit store shelves and we’ve seen a new version or expansion to the series released every year since 2005. Activision’s latest Battlefield game looks to shake things up a bit in the gaming industry by making some big improvements to its graphics engine in an effort to dethrone the current king of entertainment, Call of Duty. But does Battlefield 3 actually go “above and beyond the call” of Modern Warfare 3 like it claims in its $100 million advertising campaign or does is it just another rehashed yearly Battlefield game that’s trying too hard to be the next Call of Duty like last year’s disappointing Bad Company 2?" (Battlefield 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360) 4/5

ImSoHeavy  +   1010d ago
blows call of duty away? call of duty already blows
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WANNAGETHIGH  +   1009d ago
Women lie men lie numbers don't. Last time I checked CodMW3 killed BF3 in both sales numbers and review scores.KILLCONFIRMED :)
chaldo  +   1009d ago
Because sales means the game is better right?
JoeGrizzly  +   1010d ago
Call of Duty wins. Numbers don't lie.
ECM0NEY  +   1009d ago
But wolves do, so watch out sheep ^^^^
DonaldBeck  +   1009d ago
or does is it just another rehashed yearly Battlefield game that’s trying too hard to be the next Call of Duty like last year’s disappointing Bad Company 2?"

How in the hell was bad company 2 disappointing? i put in over 200 hours into the multiplayer and gave it a platinum on my ps3. and i never looked back at call of duty ever since.
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Ocean  +   1009d ago
The majority go with COD...mostly because it's what their friends are playing.

I dont regret getting Battlefield 3, the more i play the more i love it..even though you youngsters are alot better than me
MizTv  +   1009d ago
i have both and like both abd play both
Janitor  +   1009d ago
I stopped reading at "Activision's Battlefield" and "disappointing Bad Company 2". WTF? Is it opposite day? It's EA's Battlefield and BC2 was fuckin' awesome.
ssb3173  +   1009d ago
This is a decent game, online could be better but overall its acctually pretty good
0neShot  +   1009d ago
They should change the slogan to "below and under the call", coz BF3 failed against MW3 on all fronts.
In XBL, where majority of the online BF3 player are, it can't even beat MW2 and BOP when it was released.

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