First Mario Kart 7 Review In

The newest review scores from Famitsu are in and included is the first review for the highly anticipated Mario Kart 7 for Nintendo 3DS.

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NukaCola2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

Mario Kart 7 (3DS) – 10/9/9/9

Mario Kart games are fun. They should innovate though. I think they basically have been the same since day one. Other than the original on SNES and the first Gameboy title, Mario Kart has been pretty much the same. Fun, but the same.

EDIT: @ Apollo06

Hopefully. 3D is great for racers. But it still looks like they just mixed some DS and Wii tracks into it. I kind of wish that they add a good story mode to the game.

AND ::: I dont like it that Nintendo changed the name to Mario Kart 7. It's to make poeple think this game is a Direct Sequel, which in turn is taking away from the Wii U. They realized the poor sales of the 3DS at first and have made efforts to push the 3DS as their upfront console over the Wii U. That is why Luigi's Mansion 2 (A perfect title for Wii U) is on 3DS only. They should of given the game a silly 3D inspired name and left a # name for the console itself. Haneheld titles always and forever had subtitles the show they were side stories to their console brethren. Why now is the 3DS pushed up front? The Wii U seems way more interesting than the 3DS and I don't want them to damage the Wii U just to sell handhelds. I am way more curious to see nintty push into the HD age.

EDIT #2: @TruthbeTold

I would love more car combat based games. And maybe sports games like Car Soccor/Futbol where you can pass a big shell around and attack each other trying to score points. Or maybe a race where one team races regular and the other team races the track backwards so you always have to worry about frontal crashes and weapons. Or something like team based boss fights (passed MK games have boss enemies...maybe this one has it too). I would also love to see them move out of the just marion area too. Really love Smash going all nintendo. A Zelda track like the stables and horses like epona runs around, or racing through Geruda Valley. That would be really cool. Metroid tracks. And more. I hope the Wii U Mario Kart goes SMASH KART RACERS. That would be really sweet.

TruthbeTold2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

I can kind of understand what you mean, but at base it's a racing game. How much different can they make it? They already have weapons and speed boosts.. Now you can glide and drive underwater. That's a lot more innovation than any other game in the racing genre, where basically all you get are new cars and new tracks/locations ya know?

lastdual2555d ago

They've actually evolved and innovated the series several times. Double Dash comes to mind as an entry that genuinely tried something different. The core feel of the racing has stayed intact, but that hasn't stopped Nintendo from mixing things up now and then.

Personally, what I would like to see in the future is simply more options. Give us the same amount of user control that Smash Brothers has: Let me choose what power-ups are available in a race (disable blue shells if I want...), how many laps the race lasts, how many opponents, how many hits a cart can take before being out of commission, etc.

A greater level of customization is way overdue for the Mario Kart series.

AdvanceWarsSgt2555d ago

This is what's wrong with gamers these days. They want every damn game to have a story just for the sake of it even when the game doesn't need it.

What next, you're going to want a riveting engaging story in PopCap games too?

meganick2550d ago

The lack of story is the reason I can't get into Tetris. I need to know why all those blocks are falling down.

apollo062555d ago

Hopefully the whole 3D thing will make it "feel new"...

apollo062555d ago

I just wish they added the ability to create your own tracks and share them with everyone. That alone would help make the series feel fresh and new.... And while I am at it, how about some DLC Nintendo?!

MoonConquistador2555d ago

@apollo06 "I just wish they added the ability to create your own tracks and share them with everyone. That alone would help make the series feel fresh and new.... "

I'd agree, and was one of the big selling points of Modnation Racers, so i'd imagine this will be a big feature of the PS Vita version too

gypsygib2555d ago

Mario Kart needs track creation, extensive and in-depth online MP component and detailed stat tracking - that would be amazing and worthy of 9's.

Nintendo's has it too easy with reviewers sometimes.

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