Today's Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Patch Doesn't Add Anything

"It has recently been stated that a patch will be released for Battlefield 3 on the Xbox 360 platform."

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Cosmit2463d ago

I actually have that picture on my battlelog account :)

death2smoochie2463d ago

Nice list of fixes for the PC version though

SkylineR2463d ago

I was wondering what the 165MB download was for...

YourFlyness2463d ago

Spyware on behalf of Activision? (just a question)

YourFlyness2462d ago

I know, but Microsoft and Activison have a close knit relationship. Could be doing some industrial espionage for them

fooxy2463d ago

... as the article stated NOTHING ! :P

SkylineR2462d ago

Yeah I noticed, but even 165MB of nothing has something in it. Right? :p

Dojan1232463d ago (Edited 2463d ago )

Dice already told us the only the PC is getting the changes today since MS and Sony need to approve and it could take a few weeks.

Agheil2463d ago

its obviously something. A possible update inorder to prepare for something else because if this update doesn't do anything (not even a preperation update) then there would NO POINT. Then again this is Activision...they probably jus wanna around wit people lol

0neShot2462d ago

bad writing and ignorant opinion.

Agheil2462d ago (Edited 2462d ago )

lol didn't realize that proper grammer, or writing as you put it, was required for commenting on a N4G. Also If an update is there for no reason does that not make sense to you. Why call it an update then, WHAT DOES IT UPDATE lol. MY BAD ABOUT THE EA/ACTIVISION MIX UP I was studying for a midterm and kinda lost track. Pretty ashamed as well I'm a Battlefield fan, not sure if I can call myself that anymore.

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