Is Skyrim’s User Interface Really So Bad?

Techland: For better or worse, Skyrim’s intrepid radial hub and text-heavy menus were designed with gamepads in mind. That’s just the way it is. Blame…I don’t know, probably the world, for buying over 100 million Xbox 360s and PlayStation 3s. It’s why I wouldn’t dream of playing the PC version of Skyrim with a keyboard-mouse. Not that I’ve tried, but word on the street is, attempting to navigate Skyrim’s menus with a mouse-wheel isn’t pretty.

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fluffydelusions2555d ago (Edited 2555d ago )

For PC yes. Consoles no. I played the 360 version and it worked out great but if you're a PC gamer you expect something different. E.g. see blizzard games for proper PC control scheme setups. Game is still great regardless but the scheme is obviously designed with consoles in mind.

Intentions2555d ago

Is the User interface the same across all platforms? But yeah, I reckon it should be better.

JsonHenry2555d ago

I've only played this game on the PC. But I don't think it is bad. But it certainly could be better. Nothing for me to throw a fit about though.

SH0CKW4VE2555d ago

Then take advantage of the fact your PC is an OPEN platform and has controller support for the time being.

The game plays better with a controller anyway.

Hufandpuf2555d ago

At first I didn't like how the way-points were. They are all the same color and it can get confusing. im getting used to it though.

Blackdeath_6632555d ago

way-points are blue. objective markers are white. make sure you dont have too many active quest showing on map at same time

Aerie2555d ago

The PC version is a bit borked. And can be annoying to navigate at times. Can't wait for a UI overhaul from the modding community!

KillerPwned2555d ago

It is not horrible I think but it could be a lot better. Curious to see what the mod community will come up with.

despair2555d ago

got accustomed to it within my first hour of play, nowhere near the worst interface for PC. It could be better and there will be some mods to improve it but its pretty easy to use after a short while and now it doesn't even bother me.

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The story is too old to be commented.