Minecraft Fans Defend Yogscast

Minecon drama continues with fan responses.

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TheBlackMask2578d ago

Not really fans if they're defending those pair of dicks...

Why would Notch lie...come on, he has no reason to

lifesanrpg2578d ago

I tend to side with Notch, but I'm awaiting their official response to the situation.

Sillyace922578d ago

Especially given the fact that he remained totally calm during the Bethesda lawsuit. That reason alone pretty much gives Notch more credibility since he didn't freak out over the lawsuit but over the Yogscast, so there must be some truth in it.

fei-hung2577d ago

If you go through Minecraft forums and see what many fans are saying and what other sites are saying who were there at the event, Yogcast guys were out of line and a bunch of DIVAS.

Hopefully this will backfire on their face and good on Notch to let the world know what these guys are like.