82% of Wii titles rated E or E10+. M rated titles less than Gamecube at 3.2%

"From the beginning Nintendo has wanted to attract non-traditional gamers with its Wii hardware and software. Perhaps as a result of the manufacturer's strategy, many Wii games have been designed to appeal to -- and therefore are rated for -- a general audience.

Over 82% of the Wii catalog is either rated E or E10+. Only 3.2% are rated M, less than half the rate on Nintendo's previous console, GameCube. Still, that 3.2% is significantly higher than the rates on either the Nintendo DS or the Game Boy Advance."

For comparison

Xbox 360 M rated = 17.6%
PS3 M rated = 21%

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PS360WII3760d ago

1 year worth of games vs 5 years worth of games....

Plus for this first year most of the 3rd party cash in's where some quick put together mini game collection. It's going to take a good bit till those percentages look more like the GC. M rated games are coming if that's the only stat you care about.

kspraydad3760d ago

why would Sony be at 21%?

PS360WII3760d ago

Well it's just a 1 year thing counting for Nintendo. As we all know they don't make M rated games themselves and 3rd parties don't take the time right off the bat to make games for Nintendo so yes 1 year is a big deal when counting a Nintendo product over M rated games.

Hydrollex3760d ago

God, I hate Wii ! Waste of money ---> My opinion

Just save money buy an xbox 360 or a PS3 instead of that PS2 + Cool controllers.

BrotherNick3760d ago

If you're hardcore, get a 360 or ps3 by all means. There's no justifiable purchase for the systems for casuals unless you want a bluray or hddvd player. Maybe also scene it for xbox.

GIJeff3760d ago

is a great system, still the best games IMO. The ps3 is the only one that will take that crown, and not before the ps2 is done ruling.

BrotherNick3760d ago

They do make Eternal Darkness but I don't think the sales were too good for that title, from what I read it was quite good too. Some gamers are too focused on how a game looks, not how it plays. Not saying that you can't flick the wiimote back and forth, but you're supposed to somewhat mimic the movements. I think some better games with more immersion will come out soon. I am having fun with the wii zapper right now, it has the feel of a tommy gun :D and raises immersion a lot, not to say there aren't frustrations. There is a learning curve to pointing at the screen compared to using analog sticks, but I think people will get used to it as time passes by, like we did the analog sticks.

MK_Red3760d ago (Edited 3760d ago )

Well, I'm a sucker for M rated games and lack of M rated titles on Wii is one of the reasons I hate it. At least GC had the amazing Eternal Darkness but I don't see any great dev working on a exclusive M rated game for Wii.
EDIT: I take that lst sentense back because Suda51 is definitly one of my fave devs. How could I forget?

PS360WII3760d ago

I think Suda 51 could count. Kind of more of a cult followed dev then a great dev I suppose but they are working on No More Heros exclusivly for the Wii. It won't be a blockbuster I don't think but should be enjoyable.

Plus yea Eternal Darkness was very great. Beat it the 3 times to kill em all as well ^^

MK_Red3760d ago

Oops my bad. Thanks for mentioning No More Heroes. Definitly a game I'm looking forward to.

BrotherNick3760d ago

What makes a game M? a bit of blood? really I don't see the difference.

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The story is too old to be commented.