Sony Promo Throws Movies, Music, and Video Games Together For An Upcoming Reveal

GxC: "Sony has released [a] new promo photo which includes various characters from video games such as Sackboy, Ratchet, Nathan Drake, and Kratos to name a few, mixed with movie characters, musical artists, and technology (including a PS Move)."

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Dante1122583d ago

Wonder what it could be? A big advertisement push from Sony?

ThatMiamiGuy2583d ago

It says insider access to someone in the photo, so who knows?

I doubt it really has to do with gaming though. *Sad face*

Godmars2902583d ago

I want to see Crackle made into an app. One that's either open to everyone, or given to PS+ members while browser availability is left intact.

GoogleTV first and foremost, but the other thing would be decent at least.

SoapShoes2583d ago

Hmmm... A Sony fighting game with Sony characters like it has been rumored? Could be...

Ares902583d ago