Go Hands-On With the PlayStation Vita Now… Virtually

Don’t live near any of the locations listed in the PlayStation Vita hands-on Mall Tour? Don’t sweat the small stuff. You can get some virtual hands-on time with the PlayStation Vita right now, from the comfort of your own home. - PSLS

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Oaklnd2577d ago

Always a plus when I dont have to leave the house

BigWoopMagazine2577d ago

so, call me a stickler for technicalities, but isn't this a hands off demo? heh, still kind of cool though.

Sev2577d ago

Well, your hands are on the mouse, which is acting like a virtual finger. :)

T3mpr1x2577d ago (Edited 2577d ago )

This is SO not the same thing...But better than nothing I suppose. The Hot Shots Golf demo is more impressive than the Uncharted demo, surprisingly!

StarWolf2577d ago

that was terrible , sorry. you dont even press buttons. just desriptions of things like "here is the camera"

nevin12577d ago

So if I say I played the Vita, nobody will be impressed?

anyway, this so called hands on with vita confirmed touch screen controls sucks.

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