Xbox 360's RPG revival

Games Radar lists five games that could turn the RPG fan base towards Microsoft's box of tricks:

"With the exception of The Elder Scrolls, Eternal Sonata and Blue Dragon, it would be fair to say that the Xbox 360 is, at least for now, lacking in the hard-core RPG department. And with Final Fantasy set to hit the PS3 next year Microsoft needs to find a title that will entice RPG fans the world over.

And they have. But not just one, in fact there are over 10 RPG's set to hit the 360 next year, and we're expecting more than a few of these to be life consuming epics. Over the next few pages we'll introduce you to some new, and old, titles that everyone with even a passing interest in monster slaying should be getting excited about."

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unrealchris3911d ago

the only two that will make me buy a x360 is infinite Undiscovery and Lost Odyssey

hazeblaze3911d ago

Exactly, out of the five only two are even worth looking at! Still Lost Odyssey and Infinite Undiscovery will be good games. But ultimately, when it comes to rpg's, I'm still looking forward to White Knight Story, FF XIII & FF XIII VERSUS, Disgaea 3, & Star Ocean 4 on the PS3 more. Good to know that both systems will have rpg's to offer though.

creeping judas3911d ago

someone post them as i cant read the article from work. please and thank you.

hahahabutt3911d ago

I guess I wont need to buy a PS3. Until god of war 3 of course/ or FF7 remake.

The Killer3911d ago

its target is FPS!!
all 360 owners or fans bought it for halo 3 or gears of war or bioshock etc.

green3911d ago

your right to an extent but the thing is that since 360 owners have now bought all the 1st person shooters they are now looking at other genera's and thats what Microsoft wants to do.

Infinite undiscovery and lost odyssey will do extremely well on the 360.

hahahabutt3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

I agree with you but, how can you say that?? A system is a system. Who ever makes games for them then it goes for the system. So I guess if the PS3 had Gears, and HALO 3, then that already makes PS3 a FPS system?? No

The Killer3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

MS putting most of their money on FPS! so "Xbox 360's RPG revival" is false because i dont remember 360 or xbox ever had a life RPG(i mean they didnt have so many) so the article title is misleading!

in my opinion every system to be successful needs games in all genre!
ps2 did it and ps1! N64 was fun and childish games and same for gamecube and wii(for we they are doing some cool new things also), xbox was mostly but not only about FPS!! i thank MS for giving sony a hard time to gain their throne if they will! competition is the best thing ever to happen for us gamers! also about 360, i always feel i can get all 360 exclusives pc thats another reason i dont see why should i buy a 360!

candystop3911d ago

Actually the 360 was targeted for rpg's this generation as well as Rts's' 3rd person shooters, sports ands o on! Just because there are quite a few fps doesn't make it the same as the original! MS has done an excellent this time around and Sony better start taking notes and learn how to sell games seriously before almost every developer goes to 360! These games look hot and will continue to get better and better on 360!

Hugh Hefner3911d ago

You are holding on to Xbox 1 labels, which is not the case anymore with the 360. Mass Effect is probably the best RPG I've ever played, and you can't play that on a PC. Also, as stated in the article, 360 has tons of RPGs coming, but you can choose to live in denial all you want.

Remember this,

PS3 is not the same as the PS2, and the 360 is not the original Xbox.

Get used to it.

Leathersoup3911d ago

The original Xbox had Morrowind, the Kotor series, and Jade Empire.
The 360 has Oblivion, Mass Effect, Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, and Enchanted Arms right now.
FallOut3, Fable 2, Infinite Undiscovery, Lost Odyssey, The Last Remnant, and Sacred 2 will all feel right at home on a nice cozy RPG friendly console.

Don't say that the 360 is not an RPG console. It's just not so.

ry-guy3911d ago

I think it is a revival in all aspects.

I have been pondering this point for a while now, but first let me address the flaws in your logic, Mr. Arabic.

The original Xbox has Knights of the Old Republic, Jade Empire, and Fable for their RPGs. That was about it that I can think of off the top of my head. RPGs were hard to come by for the Xbox and even harder to find excellent ones.

So, the revival of the Xbox 360 to the RPG genre is, in a sense, true. How? Because they never had a strong RPG genre to begin with. They're bringing in some heavey hitters to get the job done.

So this leads into my original thought, is this a revival of the RPG genre in general? Now, some of you may disagree with me and stop at that point but hear me out for a second.

I think, hands down, the golden era for RPGs was the Playstation 1. We had a slew of new, original, awesome RPGs from every company. Squaresoft was still Squaresoft so they were competeing with Enix. I think this competition was healthy and great for the gamer because we had some of the greatest RPGs of all time (Final Fantasy 7 & 8 top alot of lists). We also had our Star Oceans, Breath of Fires, and a slew of RPGs.

In Playstation 2, the dominate and probably the only RPG that had its name trumpeting their games was the Final Fantasy series. I, in all honesty, cannot think of any RPGs for PS2 other than FF that make me think we had a bigger library than on PS1.

The PS2/Xbox/Gamecube generation seemed to have forgotten RPGs in general. Focusing more in on FPS, Racing, and Sports. Other genres have provided strong products too but that generation seemed to be dominated by those type of games.

I think with Xbox 360's heavey hitting RPG line-up coming, if they are all successful in their own rights, PS3 will have to respond. Their response will be to get other companies to bring new and fresh content to the world. Xbox 360 will in turn have to respond as well. This generation could, potentially, be great for RPG fans.

I know in a year or two, I am defiently, purchasing a Playstation 3. I am not going to lie, I will own multiple systems as I have done in the past. I'd like to say 'screw Fanboy-ism' but at the same time, the bigger fire that burns for each system the more pressured companies will feel to bring AAA content to the table and in abundance.

The last time I felt this way about competition was with the NES/Sega Genesis days and then later turned into a big of Sega Genesis/SNES days until Saturn flopped. But during that generation we have some of the greatest games ever created for gaming as a whole.

sticky doja3911d ago

"all 360 owners or fans bought it for halo 3 or gears of war or bioshock etc."

I bought my 360 for Oblivion and GRAW, and thought Dead Rising was gonna be cool when it came out. All 3 of which are not FPS's and one of which is an RPG. I could have got Oblivion on PC but no longer have a quality gaming rig. Where do you get off saying "all 360 owners?" Stereotyping is not a good practise.

durran33911d ago

I disagree

You simply can't go wrong with the Xbox 360 if your a Role playing fan whether its Japanese or Western.

The Elder Scrolls IV- Oblivion
Eternal Sonata
Blue Dragon
Lost Odyssey
Fable 2
Two Worlds
Mass Effect
Cry on
The Last remnant
Infinate Discovery
Sacred II
Too Human

There are so many great RPG's and more comingo n their way.. Xbox 360 certainly isn't on FPS its getting old.. Just like the PS3 has no games crap.

The Killer3911d ago

i forgot this time 360 is doing better than xbox! but i really have doubts that the japanese developers will support so much the 360!! i mean just look at the 360 sales in japan!!
beside it think based on my opinion japanese RPG's are much better than western RPG's!! lets say the truth!! western games the best at shooting and action and sport games! leave something for Japs ok??:)

and honestly i never played any game better than the final fantasy series in my life!! thats the main reason i started to love RPG's!!

if only 360 makes LIVE free, i might jump ship!

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wil4hire3911d ago

Yes the 360 has rpgs.. but its not reviving anything? Did World Of Warcraft some how go away?

I hate how MS & The XBots think that the 360 deserves credit for everything in the game industry.

Cover System

So funny.

We all need to get used to these BS articles. Notice there is NO game news for the 360. Just opinion pieces & sales pieces. I guess we will have to deal with this until.. what? The TOO HUMAN release?

mesh13911d ago


ry-guy3911d ago

WoW is not a true RPG. You are required to go out there and collect a party of 60 people who whine, piss, and moan the entire time so you can finally enjoy the ending.

You can in no way finish the WoW storyline by yourself.

A true RPG involves the ability of a single person to complete an entire story arc by themselves.

Stop being a troll.

aba3911d ago


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