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Gordon Bryant Says: "In the end, Minecraft is the kind of adventure game that can be infinitely enjoyable in the hands of the right person. While not everyone is going to be keen on a game that is seemingly aimless, others will bask in the glory of utter freedom and create some truly wonderful things within its world."

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BeardedGamerShow2578d ago

A fair score, still not my kind of game. Stories are mandatory for me in a good game.

Runa2162578d ago

Like I said, not for everyone, and that's totally cool.

3GenGames2578d ago (Edited 2578d ago )

Good story=Good story. Good Game=Good GAME. Note how it says game. Game=whole thing. I mean, besides RPG's, all NES games wouldn't be above a 8 then because there's either no story or a generic story. And yeah, that'd put games like Super Mario Bros. 3 on an 8/10 because it doesn't have a storyline with many characters and subplots? lulz, what garbage.

Runa2162578d ago

No need to be aggressive, we're all entitled to our own preferences, likes, and dislikes.

Torillian2578d ago

I agree with this more so than most of the 10's I'm seeing out there. Feels like some reviewers are taking advantage of the fact they already know it's a phenomenon so the scoring is easy.

Runa2162578d ago

you know what they say, Hindsight is 20/20, so of course it's easy to guage a game's success after it's proven itself a success.

Rucolapesto2578d ago

aah, minecraft, it's good to see that even an indie developer can make something great! ^^

lifesanrpg2578d ago

i'd say indie developers make greater things than many of the AAA publishers/developers.

3GenGames2578d ago

^ The older the system the better the homebrew is for it in all honestly. NES homebrew for instance is way better than the games released during the time. And same goes for other system like Coleco and Atari, good games are made by people with passion, not big corporations that need a game and 6 months and have X to spend.

Spectator12578d ago

This craze passed me by, but I'm not sure if I mind all that much tbh.

CrawFail2578d ago

Brilliant game. Not updated to the latest release yet..
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